Monday, May 27, 2013


“ In fact, after studying God’s work of forming and filling the earth and then looking back on it and saying “It was good,” James had an epiphany. With delight he exclaimed, “God doesn’t make junk. I don’t make junk!” A biblical understanding of work energizes our desire to create value from the resources available to us. Recognizing the God who supplies our resources, and who gives us the privilege of joining in as cocultivators, helps us enter into our work with a relentless spirit of creativity.”

Excerpt From: Keller, Timothy. “Every Good Endeavor.” Dutton, 2012-11-13. iBooks.

When I go to work I find myself in very much the same mindset. Oh, there are some mornings that i might find it difficult to face the day; but, when I realize the place we have been given, I am "pumped"! We are good at what we do ! And we certainly have a place. I find it a tremendous privilege to work with each of our employees. We don't make "junk"!

May you also recognize that God doesn't make junk and he has given you the pleasure of His creation. I pray that your work day will be filled with new creations.