Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fear vs. Freedom

"There is no fear in freedom"  My daughter has this quote posted on her wall in college.

You know when we are afraid to move forward, to expand an idea or just better ourselves; we will find ourselves in bondage to either to those who have no fear or a system of mediocrity.

When we choose fear, we limit ourselves to achieve greatness.  

Great Days!

What a great month!   May of 2012 has been the single largest SALES month in GSI history.   We give God all the glory for the skills and talents we have been given to achieve this milestone.  He is truly our provider. However, it comes with a great many challenges that we have had to overcome and still need to manage to insure that we have many  great "profitable"days ahead.   Together as employees of GSI we want to thank our customers and vendors who have helped build this business.

Thank you again and may God bless each of you.