Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Are you a Remnant?

I am up late reading a book(1), that describes the ancient midwives who refused to go along with the status quo. They chose life rather than death. They chose to stand alone. When faced with the decision to obey the king or God , they chose God rather than man. By doing so, they not only placed their occupations in jeopardy; but, they placed their very lives in danger. They are called a remnant of those midwives in the days of Egypt. They were true to their calling. And today, they are exalted centuries later.

In business today we have a similar choice.

Which do we choose?

How will we be remembered?

Are we a remnant ?

Will we be exalted?

1 Great Days with Great Lives (week seven ,Friday), Chuck Swindoll

Thursday, July 19, 2012

How are you humbled?

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. (James 4:10 NIV)

This job can be very humbling. Yes, that is true. The circumstances of trying to produce all that we have , at the request of over a hundred different project managers, whose projects are the most important, is quite daunting and humbling. We don't hit the mark every time and we are humbled. However, God is not asking us to be humbled. That would be too easy. We are all humbled by every failed expectation of others. Sometimes we admit it and are forgiven and sometimes we are not. But, the verse is not a reactionary command. It is a proactive command.

Our Lord never does the humbling. Our difficult circumstances, produced by our own selfish desires, humble us when we are exposed. No, when we humble ourselves before the Lord, we come to Him before our circumstances expose our sins. Yes, He does pick us up when we are knocked down; but, how much better will it be if He were to lift us up even before we are knocked down. He can only do that when we humble ourselves before.....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fear vs. Freedom

"There is no fear in freedom"  My daughter has this quote posted on her wall in college.

You know when we are afraid to move forward, to expand an idea or just better ourselves; we will find ourselves in bondage to either to those who have no fear or a system of mediocrity.

When we choose fear, we limit ourselves to achieve greatness.  

Great Days!

What a great month!   May of 2012 has been the single largest SALES month in GSI history.   We give God all the glory for the skills and talents we have been given to achieve this milestone.  He is truly our provider. However, it comes with a great many challenges that we have had to overcome and still need to manage to insure that we have many  great "profitable"days ahead.   Together as employees of GSI we want to thank our customers and vendors who have helped build this business.

Thank you again and may God bless each of you.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Former employee but never a former friend

Diane Lamberson was my first hire here at GSI. She was a faithful employee from her first day until her last. She retired in 2011 from GSI only to become a faithful servant through PMTRC. She keeps in touch and continues to build us up.

Please take a moment and read her story.


Hi everybody, please watch this. This video is of Amber one of the students that I work with. Last Wednesday I was the lead person that leads the horse during the session. After about 10 minutes Miss Teri said that I would disconnect the lead line as Amber was relaxed in the saddle and it appeared that she was having ample oxygen for her to try to ride by herself. That was the first time that she was able to ride by her self since her accident. Helenna and Josh walked beside her for safety sake, which is always done with all of the students. It was so emotional, we were all trying to hold back the tears, me I couldn't. This is what PMTRC is all about!!! I am so blessed to have been a part of this awesome ride!!
I am so busy heading up the Spring Fling which will be March 31th. I am needing donations for both the silent and live auction, if you have anything please let me know and I will be happy to come pick it up. You are all invited, but bring plenty of money to spend as we are needing to get the arena covered, and need to get the general store built as well as the speech room.
We are also selling the Butter Braids for $12.00 each, Anita these are the ones that you like so will. I will email an order form in case any of you would like to order any. I would be please to come and collect the money and deliver the Braids.
Hope all is well with you at GSI, for me I am well and happy!!!!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday work?

I came in here today to get a couple of things done. Have a little quite time and in general , just enjoy the morning . It was just something for myself.

Instead, I hear the sounds of the shop. A little banging on the steel, grinding wheels spinning, welding wire sputtering and the old time Marvin Gay on the radio. Life is great here!

The sounds that I hear are from guys that have given up there Saturday morning to help get an important project done. Each one of them is wonderful in their own right to give up some personal time to help all of us . This is a team that enjoys working together and putting out a product that they can call their own. Believe me, they put out a good product!

Guys, thank you for being here today and of course thank you for being here on Monday. Your the greatest!