Sunday, February 26, 2012

Former employee but never a former friend

Diane Lamberson was my first hire here at GSI. She was a faithful employee from her first day until her last. She retired in 2011 from GSI only to become a faithful servant through PMTRC. She keeps in touch and continues to build us up.

Please take a moment and read her story.

Hi everybody, please watch this. This video is of Amber one of the students that I work with. Last Wednesday I was the lead person that leads the horse during the session. After about 10 minutes Miss Teri said that I would disconnect the lead line as Amber was relaxed in the saddle and it appeared that she was having ample oxygen for her to try to ride by herself. That was the first time that she was able to ride by her self since her accident. Helenna and Josh walked beside her for safety sake, which is always done with all of the students. It was so emotional, we were all trying to hold back the tears, me I couldn't. This is what PMTRC is all about!!! I am so blessed to have been a part of this awesome ride!!
I am so busy heading up the Spring Fling which will be March 31th. I am needing donations for both the silent and live auction, if you have anything please let me know and I will be happy to come pick it up. You are all invited, but bring plenty of money to spend as we are needing to get the arena covered, and need to get the general store built as well as the speech room.
We are also selling the Butter Braids for $12.00 each, Anita these are the ones that you like so will. I will email an order form in case any of you would like to order any. I would be please to come and collect the money and deliver the Braids.
Hope all is well with you at GSI, for me I am well and happy!!!!